New green cones on Arbodania/Collet own mother-trees in the seed orchard at Collet Lundbygaard

Quality management

By Arbodania is Christmas tree quality essential

Arbodania has specialised in Nordmann fir Christmas trees through careful selection and strict quality control. We provide individual selection in every single tree field, and our quality control programme guarantees that the product will always fully meet the expectations of both buyers and end-consumers. Our experienced staff focus on your requirements when selecting your tree, while our extensive range of qualities ensures that you can always find the tree that is exactly right for your customers.

Committed to quality

At Arbodania, we understand the importance of getting precisely the tree you have ordered, and therefore we have introduced our Quality Management Programme. Our various qualities are extensively documented, and the quality manager is in charge of selecting the right fields, consistent tree selection and the crew of highly qualified taggers. This is how we ensure that our customers get exactly the tree they expect!

  • Internal quality manager
  • Chain of Custody
  • Fair growth programme
  • Unique labelling system