Arbodania season handling of Christmas tree medium pallets

Pallet system

In response to market demand for smaller retail pallets, we have introduced a new palletising system. Our Christmas trees are delivered on pallets; either on Large, Medium, Small or Euro pallets or in CC containers. Arbodania’s palletisation of Christmas trees ensures safe, optimal deliveries to our customers. It protects the trees from damage during transportation and handling in warehouses and retail outlets.

LARGE – 10 L-pallets per truck

The “L” pallet is the most cost-efficient way of transporting and unloading quickly. Each pallet holds 60-200 trees depending on their size. The pallet is loaded sideways, and unloaded using a telescopic handler, a front loader or similar machinery. 
Weight: 800-1.400 kg
Not stackable: 10 pallets per full truck.

MEDIUM – 20 M-pallets per truck

The “M” size is half the size of the Large pallet, and can hold 35-100 trees depending on tree size and density. Offers more flexible logistics solutions as smaller quantities packed on pallets allows more flexible deliveries. Lighter and more stable than Large pallets.
Weight 400-700 kg
Stackable: 20 pallets per truck in 2 layers.

EU footprint pallets – 60 per truck

Special one-way EUR modular footprint pallet, for either vertical or horizontal stacked trees. This pallet can be easily handled using small trucks or manual pallet lifters.
Weight: Typically weight less than 400 kg
Stackable: 60 pallets per truck in two layers.